PTFE Gasket – Ideal Gasket Solution for Higher Bolt Loads Equipment.

PTFE Gasket is made of synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene.

It has highly resistant to chemicals, solvents, caustics and acids, except for alkali metals and fluorine gas. In addition, PTFE also has a very low surface energy and conforms to FDA regulations.

PTFE gasket provides excellent sealing performance in corrosive environments.

It can be used as flange gasket in the chemical industry, machine and equipment industry and piping.

Common specifications

Item Thickness (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (mm)
PG-01 0.8–20 22 47.5
PG-02 34 66.5
PG-03 43 76
PG-04 49 85.5
PG-05 61 104.5
PG-06 73 124
PG-07 273 339.5
PG-08 324 409.5
PG-09 407 514
PG-10 508 606.5


  • Excellent sealing at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Non-corrosive, non-wetting, non-contaminating and odourless.
  • Excellent electrical and thermal insulation in virgin PTFE form.
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Very low gas leakage (complies with German Fugitive Emission Regulation TA-Luft).
  • Minimized cold-flow and creep behaviour.
  • Ideal for aggressive chemicals.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy to handle and cut.

Materials types

  • Virgin Teflon gaskets. Virgin Teflon gaskets are produced directly from pure material. They are used in the majority of general applications due to the most cost-effective type of PTFE material and possessing the greatest physical and electrical insulation properties.
  • Filled Teflon gaskets. Filled Teflon gaskets are made from virgin PTFE material with an added substance to improve their sealing properties. The gaskets materials exhibit strong physical characteristics, the strength can be altered depending on the type of filler that is used to enhance the material.
  • Expanded Teflon gaskets. Expanded Teflon gaskets are produced through virgin PTFE being expanded in a manner that creats uniform tension strength across the material. This process results in a PTFE material that carries no structural weakness and more flexible. They also exhibit the unique chemical resistant properties of virgin PTFE due to the fact that no additives are added.
Three white virgin teflon gaskets on a ivory color background.

Virgin teflon gaskets

Some filled teflon gaskets with different sizes on a black background.

Filled teflon gaskets

Some expanded gaskets on a gray background.

Expanded teflon gaskets

Classical applications

  • Electrical Applications. (corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures)
  • Food & Beverage. (secure seals and long product life)
  • Petrochemical & Chemical Processing. (corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures and high surface wear)
  • Pulp and Paper. (long product life)
  • Pharmaceuticals. (secure seals and long product life)
  • Rail-Tank Car. (high temperature and surface-wear resistant)
Three different sizes of chemical industry pipes with white PTFE gaskets on a blue background.

Chemical industry pipes gaskets

A white gasket is mounted on the impeller.

Impeller PTFE gasket

An evolving tri-clamp fitting with a white PTFE gasket on the white background.

Pharmaceutical tri-clamp

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