Copper Gaskets With Good Jointing and Sealing Performance

Copper gaskets are commonly known as oxygen-free copper solid copper gasket. They are stamped from 1/4 hard, high purity, oxygen free copper stock.

The design of the gasket is an object used to seal the joint between two surfaces or objects in order to prevent leaks, corrosion or contamination in a system where the two objects being joined are not perfectly matched. In addition, copper is a very soft metal. This means it can provide a cushion or support between objects or parts in the system.

What's more, copper gaskets have good jointing and sealing performance which makes them widely used on engines and flanges.

Available shapes

Special shapes can be customized according to your requirements.

There are many different sizes of O-ring copper gaskets on the white background.

O-ring copper gaskets

There are six 2-bolt copper gaskets on the background.

2-bolt copper gaskets

3-bolt copper gaskets on the background.

3-bolt copper gaskets

A customized copper gasket-01 on the white background.

Customized copper gasket-01

Two customized copper gasket-02 on the white background.

Customized copper gasket-02

A customized copper gasket-03 on the white background.

Customized copper gasket-03

Common specifications

Section Item OD (mm) ID (mm) Thickness (mm)
A copper gasket on the white background.

Copper gasket

CG-01 16 12 2
CG-02 21 16 2
CG-03 35 26 2
CG-04 48 37 2
CG-05 62 52 2
CG-06 99 82 2
CG-07 120 101 2
CG-08 171 152 2
CG-09 222 203 2
CG-10 294 269 2
Note: Special sizes can be customized.


  • Superior thermal conductivity. This feature stabilizes the head and block temperature.
  • Oil resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • 25% coefficient of elasticity.
  • High tensile strength. The tensile strength of copper is about 32000 psi.


  • Copper gaskets are used to mate two vacuum flanges together.
  • Engines. Copper head gaskets are the superior choice for blown, nitrous, turbo-charged and high compression engines. And the automotive and aerospace industries are the biggest consumers.
  • Pipelines.
Copper gaskets are used on the flange.

Copper gaskets for flange

Copper gaskets are used on the engine.

Copper gaskets for engine

A pipe with copper gaskets is being inserted.

Copper gaskets for pipeline

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